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Competing in soccer will teach your child a lot more than the rules of play; it will supply you with tools that translate into several other facets of your own life. Soccer demands prompt thinking, swift action along with the ability to operate as part of a soccer team, and these kind of skills will help you stay concentrated and efficient in your individual and professional life.

The Junior Champions team focuses on building team dynamics through active and professional sports.
Created and managed by Paul Basi and Josh Noseworthy, Junior Champions recognizes the importance of fair play and skills training through professional soccer trainers.
Focused on all children 4 – 7 years of age, the Junior Champions will raise your child’s confidence, social interaction skills and inspire them to set goals and achieve them.

Includes: Professional numbered jersey, shorts, socks, backpack, water bottle, team photos, trophy.
Payment by Cash or Cheque only please.
Games sessions include:
15 min warm up / practice
20 min halves
5 min intermission

Financial Assistance
We believe that every child should have access to soccer in our community. There is a program to help those in financial hardship:· KidSport

Start Date: Saturday, May 7 – Saturday, July 16

Time: 10:30 am – 11:30am

Games held every Saturday

*Scheduled dates & times weather permitting. To confirm check website or call voicemail update. Updates will be posted every Sat morning at 8am.